Organize Your Schedule with the FOEX Calendar Plugin

Here at FOEX we know that maintaining a complex schedule can be time consuming and unproductive, not to mention that it eats precious time which could be spent in a better way.

We are pleased to announce the public availability of our new calendar plugin which is for supported for versions v2.1.0 and later. The calendar plugin is similar to Google’s calendar in functionality and behaviour giving you the flexibility you need to manage your schedule effectively.


  1. The calendar display can be set for daily, weekly or monthly views (you also have the option of selecting multi-day or multi-week views)
  2. You can pick between a 24h or AM/PM view
  3. Use custom colours to define multiple calendars
  4. You can use the drag-and-drop feature to move events in your calendar
  5. Drag & Select functionality for Days/Time to create events
  6. Event Recurrence Support (i.e. repeating event schedules)
  7. Week Number Support in Month View with links to jump to week view
  8. Built in CRUD handling with computation/validation, pre/post and override custom processing procedure capability


Here are some examples of use cases:

Are you a sales manager, or responsible for achieving your company’s growth objectives? Get an overview of your team’s daily activities to effectively manage their results.



Great solutions require equally great planning. Plan, manage and track your product/solution development so your team can hit the ground running.



Managing different calendars for different business tasks? Keep your information organized and accessible, so that you can meet deadlines and stay on track.



The calendar plugin is an additional extension to the core FOEX Plugin Framework and is separately licensed. If you would like an evaluation copy please request one by contacting

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