Modernizing the Oracle Forms Summit application with FOEX

A while back we asked ourselves a question: How can we provide a real life example of what the FOEX Plugin Framework can do and offer a firsthand experience to users who come from an Oracle Forms background?

Working on a new demo seemed like the most practical choice, so we looked around for an Oracle Forms application that we could use as a benchmark and found a sample app called Summit.

To briefly describe what the application does, Summit allows you to browse through a list of customers sorted by country. For each of them you can see the customer info and the details about each order & the products sold. Below you can see a screenshot of the Summit application:

Oracle Forms Summit application

Forms Summit sample application


Basically, an user can navigate through the existing data, edit, delete or add info about an order, customer or product.

Taking Summit as a reference we started building our new demo(s). I’m using a plural here because it quickly became clear that we could do much more than simply rebuilding the app using the FOEX Plugin Framework.

Therefore, we ended up with 2 demos: a replica of the existing app and an application with enhanced features & capabilities. We’ve added both on a dedicated page on our website and provided a couple of guiding steps that you can follow when checking out the demo.


The Summit replica

I won’t insist too much on the details, but we’ve built a small demo app which behaves similarly to the Summit application. You can have a quick preview below or check the Summit replica demo yourself.

FOEX Summit replica demo

FOEX – Summit replica demo


The improved FOEX Summit demo

We knew the Summit app could be further improved by using some of the features that the FOEX Plugin Framework offers. Therefore, we did a detailed analysis and came up with a list of enhancements that could be added immediately.

To browse through the demo easier, we grouped the application’s data under 4 categories:

  • detailed customer information (the Customers tab)
  • information about the products (the Products tab)
  • general info about the company’s performance (the Dashboard tab)
  • details about the company’s sales performance (the Sales Rep tab)


You can use the top menu buttons:

FOEX Summit demo top menu navigation

or the navigation sidebar on the left side of the screen (by default the sidebar is minimized)

FOEX Summit demo sidebar navigation


If you’re wondering what did we enhance in the Summit application except the navigation options, then here are some of the things you can use for reference:

  • the list of customers sorted by country also shows the country’s flag. It is a relatively minor detail, but we feel it improves the user experience.
  • resizing your browser’s window will make all regions resize accordingly
  • thanks to a new plugin we introduced in FOEX v2.2 (the Splitter plugin) you can also resize/hide the regions from within the Customers tab.

FOEX Summit demo Splitter plugin


  • another enhancement was the use of charts in combination with grids and other components in one screen

FOEX Summit demo chart-grid combination


  • we’ve also added row validation in an editable grid

FOEX Summit demo row validation editable grid


To find out more about what you can do within the demo I’d encourage you to check out the dedicated demo page on our website or launch the demo and use the Welcome tab for guidance. There you’ll find information about each of the tabs and what we’d suggest that you try doing. We’ve also listed the FOEX components used and added specific links to each plugin’s description and demo page from our documentation application.

We hope this will shed some light on the what & how to combine different FOEX components in your web applications. More importantly we hope it will serve as a good starting point for you to discover what can be achieved with the FOEX Plugin Framework when it comes to modernizing an Oracle Forms application.


Note: that this is just one of the examples that we’re working on and plan to release other examples in the future. We see this demo as a good usecase, one that can be beneficial for those of you who are exploring the possibility of switching from Oracle Forms to another technology.

Give it a try and let us know what you think about it! As always, we are eager to read your feedback and suggestions for future demos that you’d like us to build using the FOEX Plugin Framework.


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