Join us at the SIOUG APEX Meetup

We’re kickstarting this year with an APEX meetup in Maribor, Slovenia. On January 19th we are going to attend the SIOUG APEX Meetup. Among others, we’ll talk about how and when you should consider moving your web applications from Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX and present real-world examples of businesses who took this step and modernized their internal systems using the FOEX Plugin Framework.

Furthermore, Aljaž Mali, our friend & partner for the Slovenian market, will briefly talk about APEX 5.1 updates, namely packaged applications and client side validations.

You’ll also get the chance to see some of the new features of FOEX 3.0 and address questions directly to our technical team. So, if you’re in Maribor this Thursday and want to learn more about any of the topics above, join us at the SIOUG APEX Meetup!

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