FOEX v2.1.1 Public Release

FOEX v2.1.1 release


The FOEX team is happy to announce the release of FOEX v2.1.1 for Oracle Application Express (APEX). In addition to fixing a number of bugs, as a user of this version, you will also get:

Improved Grid & Grid Combo search capabilities

We have introduced some improved grid searching capability that allows you to use multiple keyword searching and use AND OR NOT operators with logically grouping e.g.

(expr1 AND expr2) OR expr3

To increase the size of the search width you can include the following to the grid custom configuration settings:


We have also added Numeric and Date comparator search support (>,<,>=,<=,!=) for grid columns with underlying number or date data types. e.g.

> 01-Jan-2015 AND < 01-Mar-2015

FOEX Grid Search Improvements

FOEX Grid Search Improvements


Click here to read the full list of changes for the v2.1.1 release.

If you don’t have a FOEX account yet, sign up for a free trial here and see why it is a great tool for developing complex applications with Oracle’s best kept secret: Application Express (APEX)!

Last, but not least, we’d like to give you a brief overview for the upcoming version (FOEX v2.2.0) as we’ll be focusing updating several key features of our framework, giving you more flexibility and functionality. Among the enhancements considered for the upcoming version, we’ll be simplifying the master detail and master detail detail setup and are planning to make the tree grids editable.

There will be some other improvements included in the v2.2.0 release, but more on that in a future blog post.

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