FOEX partners with Tehran-based Oracle consulting company, Jahan Fardaye Rayaneh

Vienna, 8 April 2016: FOEX GmbH announced today the signing of a new partnership agreement with Tehran-based Oracle consulting company, Jahan Fardaye Rayaneh (JAFR).

As FOEX is constantly looking to expand its partner network globally, this agreement enables it to establish a better presence on the Iranian market for its main solution, the FOEX Plugin Framework.

After signing the agreement, Peter Raganitsch, the Chief Executive Officer of FOEX GmbH stated “This represents yet another important step for us to achieve the business objectives we set out for this year. Through our combined efforts we are looking to bring a great solution for building data-heavy web applications closer to those Iranian businesses who need it most. We are confident that the FOEX Plugin Framework will add additional value to end customers and provide JAFR with a great way to enhance their current solutions’ offering.”

Markus Lauda, the Sales Director of FOEX later added ”It is interesting to see how the IT environment has evolved lately on the Iranian market. The prospects of increasing our presence in this region is what got me excited about discussing this partnership with JAFR. I’m confident that the results will not hesitate to show and that we’ll transform this collaboration into a mutually rewarding one.”

Mohammad Mehdi Tavakol, the CTO and VCOB of Jahan Fardaye Rayaneh said “The ever-growing need for enterprise-wide web applications is becoming an inevitable factor of success for companies which provide such solutions. JAFR, as a pioneer in this business in the Iranian IT market, is proud to be expanding its business and marketing opportunities globally by starting this satisfying partnership with FOEX. Our ultimate goal is to enhance developed products with the tools provided by the FOEX framework and keeping our alliance with FOEX a fruitful one on both ends.“


About Jahan Fardaye Rayaneh

Jahan Fardaye Rayaneh (JAFR) was founded in 2010, seeking to improve business with its partners by employing accepted standards and means of Information Technology. The company leans on over 15 years of its founders’ experience in numerous fields such as Oracle Database Services, Oracle APEX Services, Oracle Software and Hardware, Workflow Optimization and Linux Services.

JAFR specializes in developing Oracle-based solutions for its business partners, namely major car manufacturers in Tehran, Iran. In order to develop a better breed of applications the company chose to substitute old means of development with Oracle Application Express as its fundamental strategy and rely on a team of highly skilled and experienced developers, administrators and analysts.

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About FOEX GmbH

FOEX GmbH is an Austrian IT company founded in 2012 and based in Perchtoldsdorf (near Vienna, Austria). We are experts in developing plugins & add-ons which enhance the standard Oracle APEX platform, allowing developers to build the best products imaginable without the overheads from traditional software development.

Our mission is to simplify the way enterprise-level applications are being built and provide a robust platform which enables developers to create such applications in a fast, easy and secure way. By using the FOEX Plugin Framework developers can significantly reduce the complexity of creating and maintaining data-heavy web applications, thus lowering IT costs and increasing efficiency.

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