FOEX new employee introduction: Daniel Hochleitner

Daniel HochleitnerAs FOEX GmbH continues to grow and hire talented new employees, we’ve started this new article series to introduce our newest staff members to our customers, partners, readers and friends. In fact, why keep all this to ourselves when Daniel could soon be working with you!


Introducing Daniel Hochleitner, our newest addition to the FOEX development team, with this 7 “Get to know you” questions:


1. Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

I’m an Oracle APEX developer which at the moment works as a freelancer. However, I began my journey as an APEX developer back when Oracle released version 3.1 – this was in 2008. Since then I worked on a daily basis with APEX and with the complete Oracle Database stack.

I’m an active open source developer on Github where I like to share cool and helpful projects & knowledge with other developers. It is a great experience for me: I view it as a learning experience and it allows me to contribute to the community as well. It’s a win-win for all!

One of my favourite things to work on is extending the standard APEX functionality with plug-ins that do things which are not possible out of the box. Here comes FOEX into focus.


2. What was it about FOEX that attracted you the most?

As an active APEX plugin developer, I was always fascinated by the work Peter and Matt have done with building the FOEX Plugin Framework. Considering its flexibility, technical aspects and, of course, the rich set of features, FOEX sets a very high bar. From what I’ve seen so far, FOEX has a really great team which I personally like and the environment they’ve created makes it an even better working place.

I’m pleased to join the team and help to improve the FOEX Plugin Framework even more.


3. Was there a project or initiative in your career that sticks out the most?

In my opinion this was the community work I did on This was a great experience, working and sharing stuff with all the other great developers around the world. One other incentive for me was the opportunity to do something with the community for the community. It is a great concept and I really enjoyed it!


4. Where do you envision spending your 3 month sabbatical?

I would like to go to Cuba. Away from work, with plenty of nice surroundings like those cars they have from the ’50s, cool beaches and a chill lifestyle.


5. What super power would you like to have?

I would like to control the weather. Then everywhere I’d go the sun would shine. After all, who doesn’t want to wear short pants all day long?


6. How do you spend your leisure time? Do you have any hobbies?

I enjoy the time I spend with my girlfriend and friends. I also like doing some sports, watching movies and going to different events. Because I’m an IT guy, you can imagine that all the technical-related things are part of my leisure time too.


7. Is there a book that you would recommend to others?

I would have to say that The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is my recommendation. I like the book’s British humor and totally amusing storyline which is indeed quite short, but the author knows how to grab the readers’ attention and that makes it a fun book to read.

If you like manic-depressive robots and answers to questions you have never asked, then this book is for you.

P.S: Of course the answer to everything is 42. Just ask any APEX developer!


We’re excited to have Daniel a as part of our development team and look forward to watching his continued development in the role!

Interested in joining Daniel and starting a career with FOEX? Check out our Careers page and browse through our current openings.

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