FOEX 1.1.0 has landed!

We’re proud to announce the public availability of FOEX 1.1.0. Since last October our team has been working round the clock adding many new features, improvements, and optimizations. The total  number of plugins in the framework has grown by over 20 to 86, including the Desktop plugin which is the highlight of the release.

We’ve also turned up the dial on development speed in thanks to the FOEX Developer Addon (FDA). In under 90 seconds you can literally create a page with a grid, tree, treegrid and form wrapped in a tabpanel and nested in a viewport. Using FOEX you can now quickly create complex pages in a fraction of the time compared to similar web development tools. It makes FOEX great for prototyping your wireframes, performing A/B testing, and getting your apps into production status in record time.

Want to find out more?

We’ve now added more Information, Demos, and Public Documentation on our website.  You can also sign up for an online test drive here.

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